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Six Month Smiles for Teeth Straightening

Six Month Smiles is a treatment that is relatively new to the field of orthodontics. The clear braces utilised in the Six Month Smile process completes teeth straightening in much less time than with traditional methods.

HV Lewisham Dental Practice is one of the most experienced with this treatment in London with all treatments competitively priced.

This faster treatment is proving very popular with clients who are looking for the fastest route to that new dazzling, confidence giving smile. Using these advances in orthodontic care, it is now possible to have your front teeth straightened in a much shorter time.

The Six Month Smile treatment we offer will address:

  • Crowded teeth: Where teeth are positioned too closely
  • Spacing: Where teeth have noticeable gaps
  • An overbite: Where teeth overlap
  • An overjet: Where front teeth protrude
  • An underbite: Where the lower teeth protrude
  • A crossbite: Where teeth come together wrongly with sub optimal bite
  • An openbite: Where the teeth don’t come together to bite

How you can straighten your teeth in six months with clear braces:

Realign your teeth fast and safely with Six Month Smiles. Cutting edge technology includes clear adult braces to straighten teeth. It makes use of the benefits of new materials to give a more effective alternative to traditional braces with the use of white coloured wires as well as clear braces that will give a much better appearance.

6 steps with Six Month Smiles

  1. An impression of your teeth will be taken
  2. The impression is sent to the laboratory
  3. Customised braces are manufactured
  4. The braces, with the help of white wires, are fitted
  5. Visit to the surgery every month for retightening to maintain the position of the teeth
  6. A removable or fixed wire retainer is fitted

4 Great Benefits of Six Month Smiles

  1. Discreet tooth coloured wires
  2. Takes up to 75% less time than traditional treatment
  3. Gentle repositioning gives very little discomfort
  4. A cost that is about half that of traditional braces

What happens during treatment with Six Month Smiles?

  • At your first appointment you will be fully assessed and photographs, X-rays along with a full examination of your smile will get us started! This will tell us if you will be a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles braces and we will be able to give you an estimate of what your tailored treatment is likely to cost.
  • Next will be an appointment to fit your Six Month Smiles braces, with their specially designed wires and clear, discreet white brackets.
  • You will come back to see us at Lewisham Dental every four or five weeks. These are short appointments for regular adjustments to be made to the braces that will continue for the whole treatment.

More Questions? Read on!

Q. Will Six Month Smiles be right for me? How can I tell?

A. The Lewisham Dental team uses only the most technologically advanced treatment and we will only ever recommend treatment that has a proven track record and a reputation for excellent results. Although a relative newcomer to the UK, Six Month Smiles have been used by many thousands of patients in the United States with a great rate of success.


Q. Normally it takes two to three years to straighten teeth so how can Six Month Smiles do it in less?

A. The Six Month Smile treatment works by using nickel titanium wires to gently move teeth that are in your smile line instead of moving all your teeth. The emphasis is placed firmly on aesthetics rather than worrying about teeth that are healthy but are not visible when you smile.


Q. Will treatment with Six Month Smiles hurt?

A. Most patients say they don't feel any pain. The Six Month Smiles system works by moving the teeth gently using a low amount of force. Everyone is different, however, and it’s possible there might be some initial discomfort. A few over the counter pain killers will usually be enough to cope in the short time that it will take for you to get used to your Six Month Smile braces.


Q. Will my speech be affected when I am wearing the braces?

A. It might be for the first week while you get used to your new braces, but your speech will soon be back to normal.


Q. After Six Month Smiles treatment do I have to wear a retainer?

A. If your teeth are not restrained they will tend to revert back to their pre-treatment position. A retainer brace will prevent this just as it does in other orthodontic treatment. Choose from a retainer to wear at night or braces that can be bonded to the surface at the back of your teeth.


Q. What will the price of Six Month Smiles braces treatment be?

A. The Six Month Smiles system cost much less than treatment with the equivalent in conventional braces treatment. Treatment will be slightly different for each patient. All the payment options and your own personal treatment costs will be fully discussed with you when you have your FREE consultation.


What Lewisham Dental patients say about Six Month Smiles:

Reviews of the Six Month Smiles system, based on the experience of our patients, indicates that the wires and almost invisible clear brackets on the teeth, has been seen as a great benefit that has vastly improved the overall patient experience and comfort. The shorter treatment time and the low-movement were also very popular particularly with patients who were keen to see fast results.

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