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Invisible Braces

If you think straightening your teeth means dooming yourself to several years with a mouth full of metal, think again! Our dental surgery in Lewisham provides invisible braces to perfect your smile with ultimate discretion.

Why choose invisible braces?

  • Invisible braces are designed to prioritise comfort
  • Some aligners can be taken out for meals - eat whatever you want!
  • Smile with confidence! Your braces are virtually invisible
  • Less visits to our dental practice in Lewisham
  • Removable braces allow you to easily maintain good oral hygiene throughout your treatment

Your private dentist in Lewisham offers the latest invisible braces to effectively correct all orthodontic problems:


Invisalign is designed to complement - rather than interfere with - your busy lifestyle. The teeth are straightened with a series of clear plastic aligners. These aligners are custom-made for comfort, and removable for total ease of use. Typically, Invisalign treatment takes nine to twelve months.

Inman aligner

Mild imperfections in the front teeth can be straightened out with this clear and removable aligner. Treatment takes just six to eighteen weeks on average.

Damon braces

These innovative braces feature a unique sliding mechanism which reduces friction and enhances comfort. Damon braces provide exceptional, fast results with speed and comfort.

Ceramic braces

These braces straighten the teeth just as precisely as traditional metal ones, but are much more discreet. They use either clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires to blend in with your teeth.


Fastbraces prioritise patient comfort by using a flexible wire and small triangular brackets. Treatment time varies depending on the patient - your dentist in Lewisham will inform you how long your treatment will take.

Incognito lingual braces

These braces fit over the inside of the teeth, remaining virtually invisible. They move the teeth gently with a special passive ligation design. Treatment takes an average of two years.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles uses a removable or fixed aligner to straighten the the front teeth that show when you smile. In just three to nine months, minor orthodontic issues are perfected with the helps of clear braces and special nickel titanium wires.

What’s right for me?

At your consultation at our state-of- the-art dental clinic in Lewisham, we will examine your teeth and discuss your desired results with you. Your experienced cosmetic dentist in Lewisham will help determine the best invisible braces for you, along with your own personalised treatment plan.

Are you considering straightening your teeth with invisible braces in Lewisham? To book your consultation today, please call HV Lewisham Dental Practice on, or email us at

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