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Your skilled cosmetic dentist in Lewisham provides a range orthodontic treatments to help straighten overcrowded, gappy, and misaligned teeth. With orthodontic treatment at our dental clinic in Lewisham, patients can benefit from great oral health and a beautiful smile.

What are the benefits of straight teeth?

  • A beautiful, even smile
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved oral hygiene
  • No more worn-down enamel
  • The end of headaches and/or neck pain

Orthodontics at our dental practice in Lewisham


Your private dentist in Lewisham uses Invisalign, a series of clear, custom-made aligners, to straighten a host of orthodontic problems. The aligners can be simply removed before eating and brushing teeth, allowing for a hassle-free treatment


Traditional braces

With these braces, teeth are straightened with metal brackets and wires. They use heat technology to move the teeth gently, increasing patient comfort.



Using triangular-shaped brackets and a single wire, Fastbraces prioritise patient comfort. A range of orthodontic problems can be treated in as little as three months to one year.


Ceramic braces

Providing a modern alternative to metal braces, ceramic ones use clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires. They straighten teeth with precision, and aren’t as conspicuous as metal.


 Six Month Smiles

It takes an average of 6 months for this treatment to correct mild orthodontic issues. Clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are combined with low forces to provide a comfortable treatment.


Damon Clear

These clear and nearly-invisible braces provide beautiful results with fewer dentist appointments at our dental surgery in Lewisham.


Incognito lingual braces

These cutting-edge braces are custom-made to fit over the back of the teeth where they remain hidden from sight. With this treatment, you can get straight teeth without feeling self-conscious about wearing braces.

Which treatment is right for me?

The best treatment for you depends on your individual case. At your consultation, your dentist in Lewisham will give you a full dental examination in order to determine the right orthodontic treatment for you.

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