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Orthodontic treatment – An introduction

Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that deals with straightening or moving the teeth to improve one’s facial appearance and smile. It also keeps the teeth and gums stronger and healthier in the long run, preventingnvarious oral diseases and infections. The treatment also helps to give your bite an equal distribution of pressure across all the teeth in the mouth.

Visiting an orthodontist

Large number of people suffers from dental issues of crowded or crooked teeth. An orthodontist provides customised solutions to such issues, making those molars move into the right positions. Thus, the treatment helps to improve facial appearance of people suffering from the problem and distributing the bite force of their teeth equally around the mouth. 

Some people have prominent front teeth in their upper jaw. An experienced orthodontist can help these noticeable molars move back into the line with other teeth. Incorrect bite problem appears when the upper and the lower jaws are not properly aligned to each other. Modern orthodontic solution can also provide an acceptable solution to this issue.

Orthodontic treatment procedures

Invisible Braces

With unbelievable advancement in modern dentistry, the procedure of teeth straightening does not mean unsightly metallic wires and braces sticking out of one’s mouth any more.

The Invisible braces we provide at our Lewisham practice make the results of the treatment more accurate, while the procedure more comfortable and discrete for you. We can provide a wide and premium range of Invisible Braces that fits perfectly both with your individual requirement and budget.

At HV Lewisham Dental Practice, we leave nothing to chances to provide you the customised treatment along with optimum personal care to deliver the desired results in fastest turnaround times.

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6 Month Smile

We all desire a more beautiful smiles. As a reputed dental practice at Hill View, we offer the solution of 6 Month Smile to people who want a fast aesthetic improvement of their smiles. Our innovative approach in this aspect includes using transparent brackets and wires, so that those unsightly metal braces do not stuck out of your mouth. Time and again this treatment has proved effective in enhancing smiles of a large number of our patients.

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Braces for adults

Modern dentistry allows straightening your teeth at any point of life, irrespective of your age. Adult braces are the most effective tool for the purpose.

In contrast to the traditional braces, these are more discreet and can suit any lifestyle more smoothly. After all, life comes in the way of lot of our desires but we cannot afford our desires to get into the way of life and hamper its natural flow.

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Invisalign solution

Invisalign is the latest dental procedure for teeth straightening. In contrast to the conventional methods, it does not use braces but uses a set of removable aligners. Moreover, the aligners remain practically out of sight and no one has a chance of knowing that you are undergoing the treatment. There are no restrictions on your eating and drinking while undergoing the treatment.You can also brush and floss the teeth and keep your mouth clean and healthy in the normal process.

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Tips to care for both your braces and teeth

While undergoing any orthodontic treatment, you need to have your teeth and mouth checked by the dental expert at regular intervals. Simultaneously, you should keep the mouth clean through more careful brushing and flossing.

  • Apart from taking care of the mouth, you also need to take proper care of the braces. Remember, braces are delicate and can break easily. So, you have to be careful in handling them while cleaning. Our experienced staffs provide all-round guidance on these aspects.
  • Restrict intake of sugary foods and drinks. You should also avoid having hard foods that may damage the oral braces.
  • Brush the teeth twice a day, if possible at equal intervals. Use fluoride base toothpaste or gels forbetter results.

We also offer free advice related to your oral health.


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