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Dentist and Advanced Dentistry for Nervous Patients

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are not alone. Many adults experience fear of the dentist's chair, which is why our dental practice in Lewisham proudly offers sedation dentistry for nervous patients. Not only will dental sedation solutions calm your fears, but it also allows simple and complex dental work to be carried out without pain or discomfort.

Putting nervous patients at ease

We've successfully helped many patients overcome dental anxiety with a combination of personalised care and dental sedation. We will explain what you can expect from the procedure, and determine the right method of sedation for you. Your sedation dentist in Lewisham will make you as comfortable as possible before, during, and after your treatment.

I.V. Sedation

In addition to local anaesthetic, we offer I.V. sedation. It's very safe and ensures a pain-free procedure without side effects. You can relax, virtually unaware of your treatment. You will be monitored at all times to ensure your safety. Once your treatment is complete, your private dentist will gently wake you - you may not even remember any of what happened. You won’t be able to drive home, so be sure to bring someone to the appointment with you.

Who is referred for sedation dentistry and why

Most adults with dental anxiety can benefit from sedation. A good candidate may have:

  • Extreme fear or anxiety of the dentist
  • Phobia of needles
  • Complex dental issues
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Previous unpleasant dental experiences
  • Sensitive gag reflex

Your dentist will discuss your options for sedation with you at your consultation.

We're here for you

We welcome nervous patients to take as much time as needed to ask questions and become familiar with HV Lewisham Dental Practice before going ahead with treatment. We’re a friendly and empathetic bunch who understands the hesitations you may have. We will do everything possible to ensure your confidence in your treatment, allowing you to benefit from optimal oral health.

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