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NHS Dentist in Lewisham

We are currently accepting new NHS patients. Call us on to register your details for a dental appointment.

HV Lewisham Dental Practice offers a complete range of NHS and private dental treatment to our patients. We focus in treating each patient individually and provide them with quality care and service.

  • Reach our dental clinic 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time for completing the medical questionnaire.
  • Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination that includes oral cancer screening. Also, he/she may perform X-rays, if required.
  • He will explain the suitable treatments available to help you make an informed decision.
  • Both you and your dental practitioner can develop a treatment plan based on your need. If it is a complicated case, you may have to visit the expert frequently for creating a customised treatment plan.
  • Feel free to talk about your concerns with the dental practitioner who will listen to you carefully and answer all your queries.
  • Our receptionist will arrange necessary appointments for the treatment.
  • We provide our patients with a pay-as-you go policy. However, the treatments that require laboratory work demands advance payment.
  • Your dental expert may recommend a routine check ups for a better oral health.

Benefits of signing up with an NHS dentist in Lewisham

  • conduct an examination of your mouth, gums and teeth
  • inform about different treatments and help choose the right one
  • tell about the cost related to NHS and private treatment
  • discuss when to go for a dental check-up. 
  • children should see a dentist early to continue with good oral habits and avoid dentures
  • Visit a dentist once every six months to detect any problems early and protect oral health

Cost of NHS treatment in London

Band 1

The treatment includes a thorough diagnosis (which includes X-rays), examination and advice to prevent further problems. You may require a scale and polish and preventative care like applying fissure sealant or fluoride varnish, if needed. The cost may be around £19.70.

Band 2

This includes everything listed under Band 1 and other treatments like fillings, teeth removal or root canal. The treatment cost is near about £53.90.

Band 3

This consists of listed within Bands 1 and 2 along with bridges, crowns, dentures and laboratory work. The cost is somewhat £233.70.

How I choose the right NHS dentist

Check out online reviews to know about the experience of patients with different NHS dentists Lewisham. You can share your opinion too after choosing an NHS dentist for your need. We feel proud that our accredited dentists will fulfill your expectations and offer the right treatment. 

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