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Facial Rejuvenation

Fed up with fine lines, wrinkles, and other facial imperfections? Our dental clinic in Lewisham is proud to offer the solution to these frustrating signs of aging. We use botox and dermal fillers to replenish lost volume, and smooth out facial lines and wrinkles. These simple, non-invasive injections will rejuvenate your complexion, and give you a fresher, youthful appearance.

What’s the difference between botox and dermal fillers?

Botox is a muscle-relaxing injection that smooths stubborn frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead creases, and other lines caused by facial expression. The botulinum toxin is a powerful purified protein that blocks nerve and muscle activity, which in turn softens facial lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers replenish lost volume to plump up the skin, as well as fill in creases. These injections are used to fill in acne scars, contour or reshape facial features, restore volume to lips and cheeks, and fill in the undereye area.

In many cases at our dental surgery in Lewisham, botox and fillers are used together in one treatment to enhance the final results.

What does treatment involve?

Depending on the area treated, your appointment will last around 30-45 minutes. Your cosmetic dentist in Lewisham will apply a numbing cream to the area, so you will feel only mild discomfort. Small doses of botox or dermal filler will be injected into the selected area through a tiny needle. The results of dermal fillers are immediate, whereas botox takes several days to take effect.

No recovery or downtime is required after your injections. You can get right back to your usual activities once you leave our dental practice in Lewisham. You can expect minor bruising or swelling from the injection, but this should fade within two days.

How long do results last?

The results of botox can last for up to four months. Alternately, the effects of dermal fillers can last as long as 18-24 months before the lines and wrinkles gradually return. Your dentist in Lewisham can provide follow-up injections at this point.

What’s right for me?

The best treatment for you depends on the specific areas you would like to improve. At your consultation, your private dentist in Lewisham will help create your own personalised treatment plan to give you the natural, youthful face you desire.

Do you want to freshen up your appearance with facial rejuvenation in Lewisham? To book your consultation today, please call Lewisham Dental Practice on, or email us at

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