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Thoughts and Tips for Teeth Whitening

There can be a lot of reasons that you might be thinking about whitening your teeth either with an over the counter product or an at-home whitener from your dentist.  The option of at-home teeth whitening will be cheaper than a dentist whitening treatment and will be convenient too as you can carry it out in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you.  But there are a few points to consider:

The Results Will Take Longer

Over the counter and at home teeth whitening products might be quite affordable but over all it will take you longer to whiten your teeth this way than if you put yourself in the hands of a professional. This is because the solution used is a low concentration and will need to be used, usually overnight, a few times over several days and weeks to get the right results. A professional teeth whitening can be accomplished normally within one session.

Sensitivity and Irritation of the Gums

There is peroxide in teeth whitening products and that can give rise to serious irritation for your gums.  At home product solutions have low concentrations but even so about half the people surveyed about irritation said there had been some.
Make sure that you don’t leave any tooth whitening products on your teeth for longer than recommended. If you do experience pain or any severe tooth sensitivity, when you use a teeth-whitening kit either dilute the solution or use a different product.

Before Your Tooth Whitening

Before you go ahead with at home tooth whitening it is always a good idea to have your teeth professionally cleaned by the dentist to remove any surface debris that might affect the results of the teeth whitening products.

After Your Tooth Whitening

After a tooth whitening session, try not to eat or drink anything for a couple of hours.  This is because of the possibility of tooth sensitivity and the fact that avoiding eating and drinking will limit the amount of discomfort you might feel and minimise any risk of ruining the results of your teeth whitening procedure.

  23 Dec 2016