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Diferent Varieties of Dental Crowns at Lewisham Dental Practice

Dental crowns are a popular prosthetic device that provide a cap or cover to a damaged tooth. Unlike the removable dentures, it is fixed or cemented to an existing tooth or an implant. This prosthetic device provides a number of benefits, which include the following:

  • Strengthens a damaged tooth
  • At the same time, improves its shape, appearance and alignment

It is also common for dental surgeons to place a crown over an implant to provide a tooth-like shape or structure. This specially designed crown is usually known as abutment and it also functions like a natural tooth.

Crowns and their varieties

These days, according to dental experts in London, there are lot of options for you to choose from while selecting a dental crown. The options include ceramic, porcelain-infused metal and certainly gold alloys.

Choosing the right kind of crown for your teeth can be confusing. Each of the options that are available, has its unique advantages. According to practising NHS dentist in Lewisham, ceramic crowns are ideal for restoring the front teeth whereas, porcelain-infused ones are unbelievably stronger and durable.  Moreover, cost is also an important factor to consider, as treatment charge for each of the crown options varies widely.

Dental crowns made of gold

Actually, the precious metal, gold has been in use for cosmetic dentistry for ages. However, pure gold is too soft and malleable and thus, it cannot be used for the purpose.  Thus, alloys made from precious metal are used for the purpose.

Gold is highly durable and is the least reactive, compared to any other alloy, that is suitable to be used in the mouth. Gold crowns may be ideal if you habitually suffer from clenching or grinding of the teeth. However, you are not suitable for this option, if you are allergic to metals or need a crown restoration for the front teeth.

Ceramic crowns

The main purpose of ceramic crowns is to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Actually, this option results from the latest breakthrough in the world of dentistry. Modern technology, allows your dental expert to match the crown to the colour of the rest of your natural teeth. Thus, it becomes practically impossible to distinguish your ceramic abutment from the rest of the natural molars along the jawline.

Experts at Lewisham dental practice also point out that ceramic crowns usually offer the most perfect fit as compared to any other option.

Porcelain variety

Dental crowns made of porcelain are very popular among patients. One of the biggest advantages of this variety of the product is it helps to bring out your brightest smile. These crowns can be customised to match the shape and shade of the rest of your molars.

This range of the prosthetic device is unquestionably durable and provides you with better return on your investment. 

While choosing the type of crown, it is advisable to discuss the issue with your dental expert. The professional can guide you thoroughly on the issue, including the cost aspect involved in each of the options and help to make a better decision.

  13 Oct 2016