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4 Significant Questions to ask Your Orthodontist about Invisalign

Are you looking forward to straighten your misaligned teeth with invisalign? If yes, you are on the right track to achieve a perfect smile and personality. Invisalign is a latest and modern approach introduced as a teeth straightening treatment. There are various dental practices in London which offers the effective orthodontic treatment. With its increasing popularity, patients are now curious to know more about the treatment. You should clear all your doubts and queries from the orthodontist related to the process prior to the treatment. Read on to know more about the prevalent questions you can ask your orthodontist.

1. What teeth problems are corrected with Invisalign?

Invisalign can treat a number of orthodontic issues same as traditional braces do, but in an easier and comfortable way. You can correct the teeth problems such as:

  • Crooked tooth
  • Crossbites
  • Under bite
  • Over bite
  • Misaligned teeth or jaw line

If you feel any of these problems are a reason behind your smile imperfection, consult a dentist in Lewisham se6 to get the invisalign treatment.

2. How long will I have to wear the aligners?

You need to wear the clear aligners until you get the desired results with the treatment. The time period of the orthodontic process is based upon your dental condition. It is usually same as traditional braces but may get affected with some factors such as your age, amount of alterations needed and your co-operation in the treatment. It requires regular visits to the clinic for replacing the set of clear braces and to keep a track of the proceedings. This can help you achieve the desired results in the intended time. Your orthodontist in se6 dentist lewisham can tell you better about the expected time you need to invest in completion of the treatment.      

3. Is invisalign restricted to a particular age group and is it a favorable option for adults?

Invisalign is an orthodontic methodology which is not confined to a definite age. Anyone who wants to correct their dental imperfections can choose this effective process. Today, a large number of adults are opting for the operation to get straighter teeth in order to improve their smile and appearance. If you are an adult, it is the most suitable option to get the desired personality without facing those public embarrassments as with traditional braces.  

4. Why is it more expensive than traditional braces?

Expense can be a point of concern for most of the people while choosing an orthodontic treatment. And there is no harm in questioning your dental expert about the high costs of invisalign as compared to traditional braces. Invisalign comprises of a set of clear braces or trays that are specially customized for your set of teeth. It is then examined by your best dentist in London before its approval for your treatment. This process of custom crafting the aligners in a registered laboratory makes the treatment expensive. Note, this is a worth made investment for your priceless smile.  

It is quite obvious that once you get your answers related to invisalign, no other treatment will seem to be more effective than this efficient orthodontic process.

  15 Sep 2016