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Welcome to Our Lewisham Dental Practice

To book an appointment with our skilled and friendly dentists or if you are looking for an NHS dentist call, Lewisham Dental Practice in SE6, on . Our practice offers a full range of dental treatments and services to help you maintain an attractive, healthy smile. We are proud of the exceptional level of care we give to each and every patient, NHS and private alike. With gentle, modern treatments, we will skilfully restore or enhance the natural beauty of your smile - and we're sure you will love the results. We hope you continue to attend regular check-ups with us in the future, so we can help take care of your smile for life!

Our promises to you:

Why choose Lewisham Dental Practice

Currently we accept NHS patient

Our dentists provide a full range of NHS treatments within the Lewisham.

comprehensive range of treatments and services

Comprehensive range of dental treatments and services to suit your every need. We also offer professional advice and education designed to encourage you to take an active role in protecting your oral health and hygiene.

Friendly Dental Hygienist

The role of a hygienist varies from patient to patient. He or she maintains your dental hygiene by undergoing operations to remove plaque. They also provide you with counselling sessions to make you more aware of the proper way to manage and improve your oral health.

Expert oral surgeon

Dental surgery is performed by oral surgeon in cases of advanced stages of severe tooth infections or other major dental problems. The oral conditions that account for dental surgery are tooth loss, misaligned jaw or teeth, smile rejuvenation and much more. Though the thought of a surgery ignites fear in patients, the results are life changing.

Whether you need a cosmetic treatment to perfect your smile, a restorative treatment to restore your oral health, or just a simple checkup, we can provide the right treatment for you. We will ensure your safety, understanding, and comfort every step of the way. We therefore provide local or general anaesthetic, as necessary, as well as sedation to patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

We also provide swift, caring emergency treatment for patients in need of urgent dental care. Your emergency dentist at Lewisham Dental Practice will do everything possible to relax you, alleviate your concern, and restore your oral health as soon as possible.

Well decorated dental clinic

Once you enter our beautifully-decorated dental clinic, you will be greeted with a warm welcome from our friendly receptionist team. Similarly, your compassionate dentist works hard to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere in the treatment room to put you at ease right away.

We’ve equipped our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Lewisham with the latest dental technologies, which allows us to make a precise diagnosis and create the perfect personalised treatment plan for you with a safe, effective, and minimally-invasive treatment that achieves beautiful, longterm results.

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To book your consultation today, please call Lewisham Dental Practice on We look forward to welcoming you at our dental clinic, and our dentists providing you with the exceptional care you deserve.

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